restor IOL dallas texasWhat is it?
The AcrySof ReSTOR Apodized Diffractive Optic Posterior IOL (ReSTOR) is a permanent artificial lens. The ReSTOR IOL is implanted in the eye to restore vision after the natural lens is removed during cataract surgery . It is FDA-approved for cataract patients with or without presbyopia (over 40 vision).

The ReSTOR lens is convex on both sides and made of a soft plastic. It is folded and inserted into the eye through a tiny incision smaller than the optic diameter of the lens. After insertion, the lens gently unfolds to restore vision. The supporting arms (haptics) of the lens maintain proper positioning within the eye. Dr Boothe recommends these Dallas Cataract Surgeons

How does it work?
The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL replaces the natural lens. It has a patented optic design using apodization, diffraction and refraction technologies. The apodized diffractive optic design gives it the ability to focus light correctly on the retina for images at various distances without mechanical movement of the lens.

  • Apodization is a gradual reduction or blending of the diffractive step heights.
  • This unique technology optimally manages light energy delivered to the retina because it distributes the appropriate amount of light to near and distant focal points, regardless of the lighting situation.
  • Apodized diffractive optics are designed to improve image quality while minimizing visual disturbances. The result is an increased range of quality vision that delivers a high level of spectacle freedom.

When is it used?
The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is used in adult patients with and without presbyopia, who desire near, intermediate and distance vision with increased independence from glasses following cataract surgery.

What will it accomplish?
The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL has been shown in a clinical study to provide good near, intermediate and distance vision with increased independence from glasses in patients who have undergone cataract surgery.


What is the price you put on reading the print in a book? Or on a menu? To clearly follow your golf ball as it sails over the fairway? Your vision connects you to your world and your loved ones in so many ways. With ReSTOR, you don’t have to miss any of it.

Insurance coverage varies greatly from policy to policy and state to state. Generally speaking, private insurance may cover the cataract surgical procedure and anesthesia; and may also allow a certain additional amount for the artificial lens implant. The insured is then required to pay a deductible as well as any additional amount above the primary coverage. Some patients are responsible for the total payment.

Your surgical counselor will review your insurance coverage and your surgical alternatives prior to your cataract surgery. It may also be beneficial for you to contact your insurance carrier.


The FDA-approved AcrySof ReSTOR is a breakthrough in intraocular lens technology for most people with Cataracts, with or without Presbyopia, that may restore the eyesight of youth. Results from a controlled clinical study of the AcrySof ReSTOR IOL revealed that maximum visual performance is achieved when implanted bilaterally.

Clinical data demonstrates that AcrySof ReSTOR IOL greatly reduces dependence on glasses or bifocals:

  • 80% of patients reported that after lens implant surgery with ReSTOR lenses, they never needed glasses or contact lenses to see clearly at all distances.
  • 94% reported being able to drive or read the newspaper without glasses or contacts
  • Nearly 94% were so satisfied that they would have the procedure again.

In addition, the quality of vision compared to wearing bifocals and/or trifocals is significantly improved. You'll have a full range of vision, without having to tilt your head to find that portion of your glasses that allows you to see clearly.

Everyone's focusing ability is different. Most people will be able to see clearly in the distance, have very good reading vision and good middle vision without glasses, but some people may be more comfortable with additional correction, particularly at night or in dim light or for long periods of computer work.

It is important to remember that implant surgery cannot resolve preexisting visual conditions such as floaters, flashes, or visual field loss that are a result of conditions of the eye and not related to the lens. While virtually everyone experiences much improved vision after cataract surgery, some people will have better uncorrected vision than others.

It may be necessary for some people to wear glasses for distance, intermediate and/or near vision to obtain optimal visual acuity. The difference from standard lenses is that most people will not be dependent on these supplemental vision aids to function normally.


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Virtually everyone who has cataracts and is in good general health may be candidate for implant surgery, but people with chronic infections, uncontrolled diabetes, or other health problems may have to wait until these conditions are under control prior to surgery.

People who have had prior corneal refractive surgery (i.e. LASIK or PRK) may be acceptable candidates for ReSTOR implantation as long as their eyes are in good health. After a thorough examination, we will be able to better advise you if you qualify for the ReSTOR implant.

If you've already had cataract surgery, you're not a candidate for the ReSTOR procedure.

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AcrySof Restor

Experience a full range of vision without reading glasses or bifocals.

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